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This group meets at the church on Fridays from 19:30 - 21:30 (access via the rear door in the car park, please ring the bell).

Activities include games, team building, movie nights, video games, trips, plenty of hot chocolate and the legendary 'human bowling'.

As a Christian group there is also some time to engage with God through reading the Bible together, talking about what it has to say for today and praying for each other. But this is a mixed group open to anyone of any faith or none.


This group, for young people aged 11 to 18, meets on Sunday morning from 10:30 at the church. They start off in the main church worship service, and then leave to meet for Bible study and prayer. This is a group which aims to have fun as they share and learn together, encouraging each other to get closer to Jesus and live as true disciples.

Youth Alpha are a very active group taking part in mission trips, engaging in social action, involving themselves in the life of the church and community, and take seriously the need to 'Share the Love'.

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This is a home group where we explore the Bible together.